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Snack Packs 4 Kids

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For most children here in Zachary, the weekend is a welcome respite from the hectic school week. But for a growing number, the weekend is not a carefree time. Instead, it is when they worry about their next meal, or if there will even be food in their homes for that next meal. According to the No Kid Hungry organization, 1 in 6 children come from food insecure homes. That's 13 million children in the U.S.  

The Zachary Charity League, in partnership with the Zachary Community School System, is hoping to alleviate some of the hunger pains of our local children by distributing Weekend Snack Packs. Our goal is to raise enough money to provide snack packs to at least 200 children per month in the Zachary area. These Weekend Snack Packs will be distributed in the Zachary Community Schools to those students who have been selected as coming from food insecure homes.

Selection will be done by school administrators and those students receiving the packs will remain confidential. The packs will contain healthy, non perishable foods that do not require adult supervision or preparation to consume.  

Statistics show that undernourished children have a difficult time learning and excelling at school, are susceptible to a compromised immune system, experience behavior issues, and are less likely to graduate high school, thus continuing the poverty cycle.  


ZCL is seeking monetary donors who are willing to donate $15 per month as a Weekend Snack Pack Supporter. Your contribution of $15 per month will guarantee a child receives food every weekend for that month. All donations are tax deductible. 

You can also help by purchasing an item from our Amazon Wish List.


For more information, please contact us! The Zachary Charity League appreciates your support in this important cause.

Below is a sample of the snacks that go in each bag. 

Snack Packs 4 Kids

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Snack Packs 4 Kids 

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